Thursday, August 9, 2007

If you are reading this.. you are

A friend.

I told my friendChriss that really every day I wake up with a song in my head. Not the one on my alarm clock, but something from my Ipod. I don't remember if this happened to me before I had an Ipod, but it has certainly happened every day since. Well today, instead of a song, I woke up with a card in my head. And here it is. Hope you like it.



  1. This creation is beautiful! What did you eat/drink before beddybye time? Some of that blueberry tea? I love the image you stamped and the background and the colours and the rhinestone...
    Thanks for the "new place" we met at tonight. It was so enjoyable (great company, food & drink) and something therapeudic for us during this difficult week. C

  2. this happens to me too! since i don't have an iPod, though, i'm not sure what causes my brain to wake me up with a song. sometimes it's a good thing, but other times it stays around a long time and is an annoying song! cute card! love simple.


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