Friday, August 17, 2007

Thanks Pam!!

P-Diggety, my fabby upline, sent me some great ideas today to help me out. Her birthday week (I think they should take a week) is coming to a close, so email her here and tell her HB!

Anyway, on the punch box theme - how the heck cute is this??? The little froggy is made from a punched flower!! DANG DANG DANG he's cute!!

And I have to take Defensive Driving for a ticket, not for my wreck.. The wreck was totally the other lady's fault. Yikes - her insurance has to fork out $3000 for my truck!!! I can't imagine what hers cost, because it was a mess.


  1. Lydia, I hope that you are alright and feeling better. How unfortunate to have been hit from behind! I think maybe that you need to stay within Austin City Limits!
    Pam's card is ADORABLE!!! She always has the cutest ideas.

  2. I'm so not creative, because I could've looked at one of those little punch flowers ALL DAY and never envisioned a FROG made with it! The prints pad is a clever touch too. I say CASE it! Another plug for the punch box, if you use this with the other card at your camp...

  3. Lydia, I love what you came up with! I really like the Prints paper you used for the lilly pad.



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