Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

Teresa, a Starving Artistamps sister designer, TAGGED me this morning. This sweet woman has done the most amazing things with the silhouette flowers - check here out here.

So now I must share 7 random things about myself.

1) I am terrified of elevated highway overpass ramps. You know, those hideous, curved, way too high to really work for any length of time, bridge-like things over I-35 and other poorly designed roads. My chest tightens, my knuckles get white, I sweat. It's awful. I'm not at all afraid of heights, oddly enough - I would live at the top of the Sears Tower in a glass box, but these things are SCARY.

2) I can write my name backwards with my right hand and frontwards with my left hand at the same time. I'm right handed.

3) I got licked by a white tail deer once and found out I'm deathly allergic to deer licking!!

4) Tranquilizers make me crazy hyper and stimulants make me sleepy.

5) When I was little, a lady walked past me and my friend David with a paper bag and was very disoriented and crazy looking. She asked us for directions and walked off without listening. She had just shot her husband at the mall.

6) I love every dairy product on the face of the earth!

7) I laugh uncontrollably until I'm in tears on rollercoasters - the scarier they are the harder I laugh!

Now it's my turn to tag a few..

Markie's Mom - This woman is amazing. You will fall in love with her cards, her wonderful style (those dots are incredible) but especially with her stories.

Cee Cee - You are going to love this site if it's not already in your favorites. A funny & talented stamper, her bikini cards are going to make you laugh!!

Jody Morrow - this fellow Texan is already quite famous in the stamping world - rightfully so. Check out her tutorial on drunken watercolor. It's incredible. Totally trying that when I'm done with this post.

Kelly - if you don't absolutely freak out and squeal when you see the birthday card she posted today, you need to see a doctor!

Sharon - Her inchies are pretty much the cutest I've seen. I'm hooked!!! I love this woman's site!

Carole - There is nothing better than a funny blogger! This lady does beautiful work but also really makes me giggle!!

Michele - just when I think I know what her "Style" is, she surprises me, which I love. This woman does beautiful watercolor and be sure and check her Live, Love Bloom post. Incredible.

Enjoy the blog tour! Buses leaving every half hour! :)

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  1. Thanks for the sweet comments! Glad to know you are every bit as random as I am - lol! ;)


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