Thursday, April 24, 2008

11,000 and no computer

It's all about balance, yes? I just discovered the other day that my blog has passed 11,000 hits!! WOW. At 13,000, I'm going to give away something spectacular since 13 is my lucky number!!

Anyway, I don't have my computer. The computer hospital thinks it's either my motherboard or my processor. Ohhh - this is awful. At least my wireless network is back up so my laptop is working for the time being. So yay - 11,000! Boo, bad computer.

SO, since tonight Lost comes back on - Come on, there have to be some Losties in the Understand Blue audience - I thought I'd make a card in honor of the show! I know you understand! :)

I was inspired by Kristina's color challenge for the color scheme.

Hope you are having a great Thursday!

1 comment:

  1. This papaer is awesome, love the zen feel of the card! :-)

    I hope the computer woes come to an end soon!!


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