Thursday, May 22, 2008

He wants us to move the island...

You know how the season openers of LOST and other significant episodes begin with a closeup on one of the character's eyes? Well today was a significant day, so appropriately so does this episode of Understand Blue. It's my eye. And it's so completely freaky I had to share it with you. I had an eye exam today because I can't SEE Lost anymore. I used to be able to pause the show and read little Dharma Initiative messages, the titles of books and other critical details of the show. Suddenly a few months ago, I stopped being able to read even the little banners at the bottom of Fox News Channel. I was actually a little nervous! It turns out I am just old!! My left eye randomly changed shape and has an astigmatism. Anyway, she numbed and dilated my eye and now I look like that scary Japanese girl who was crawling around on the ceiling in The RING!! eek. So BOO!!!

Okay - now on to stamping. I know you're getting tired of this same card, but I'm addicted! Today I took my color combo from this issue of Stampin' Success. I love grey and yellow together. I actually even watercolored the Basic Black Marker as well as the grey one and it really worked. I thought since it was "permanent" it wouldn't move around on the watercolor paper but it does! It gets a slight purply tinge to it, but looks great.

I finally found the missing leaf in this vase, thanks to Judie! It's top left. I knew there was no way there was only one unbalanced leaf but I told you I can't see anything!! I get my glasses in a week and then I'll be better!
Coloring with your eyes dilated - really bad idea. I really have no idea what it looks like, so I'm sorry if it's all jacked up!!! If it is, I hope you are all giggling at the poor old blind lady. Thanks for all your kind words about the wasps. My back and arm are still all jacked up, but I have my stamps! The postman did not deliver any packages today I guess because the key is still in that box and my sign is still on there. Very disturbing. Hope my postman isn't dead of killer wasp stings, now that I think about it.
Last, but totally not least, a lovely blue butterfly, Zindorf inspired. I hand wrote some things about butterflies with my Sakura Pigma Micron .005 pen. FYI, these don't smudge at ALL with Copics or sponging! It's a wonderful pen. I love the .005 because if you look at all my "watermarked" cards, you'll see the teeny fine line signature - that's with this pen. It's as thin as a needle!! Sakura makes a bunch of great products.
I stamped the butterfly from Wonderful Wings in Brilliance Graphite Black and colored him with Copics. Then I colored him with my VersaMarker and embossed him with clear. Then I inked up the leaf in VersaMark and then in Green Galore and stamped and embossed it. Then I sponged on Summer sun, and right around the butterfly, Pumpkin Pie. I stamped "It's About Time" in Sahara Sand onto some Basic Grey patterned paper and then layered that onto a Tempting Turquoise card base.
I mounted the butterfly panel with dimensionals.
Hope you guys are having a great Thursday!! I'm soooo sleepy right now - got up insanely early - at 3:45, so I need to hit the hay soon.


  1. This butterfly is gorgeous and I love your handwriting on there!

    The pic of your eye just cracked me up, since I think we have the same eye color!! I'll e-mail you a pic of my eye and you tell me!... :-) I also have astigmatism too! The sad thing isd lately it seems to be worse with the glasses than without, time for a check-up too I guess!!....

  2. you should color with your eyes dilated all the time, since i think this really looks great! i especially love the look of the purple struck me when i first saw it as looking like there is light glinting off it! great work...

    i hope you don't injure yourself while you are incapacitated with your "blindness." any possibility it's eye strain? be good to yourself...maybe you should have some passion tea and relax!

  3. I am spending my evening catching up on my fav blogs. When I got to yours I laughed so hard I had to take another "old persons" break! I love LOST! Thanks for sharing.


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