Sunday, June 7, 2009

Unexpected Delights

Like an unexpected thank you gift from your new favorite company - Cambria Cove - of some forget-to-breathe-beautiful cards.... inside two even more beautiful boxes, and accompanied by a HAND WRITTEN note.

Completely bowled over that a place that values human to human contact as highly as they do has found a prime spot in our busy electronic world. I love you, Cambria Cove! XO.

Or what about the delight in finding a package in my mailbox that contained some lovingly handmade soap from my friend Linda, owner of Shambala Soap?

When I walked to the mailbox I thought - DANG - those mountain laurels smell heavenly this year.

But it was no mountain laurel. It was this gorgeous and yummy smelling handmade soap. She sent me three kinds, in stunning wraps. I didn't want to take them out - but she said she would yell at me if I used them as decorations instead of as soap! I used the Goat Milk one today and it's amazing - beautiful texture and it smells incredible!! They are all natural, and cruelty free - no dye either. The herbs are from her own organic garden. Check out her website here, or follow her on Twitter - @shambalasoap - because in addition to her gorgeous soap art, you will find a warm, sweet and funny lady.

Speaking of funny, how about a laugh this lazy Sunday? A Melon Mambo colored elephanty laugh?

How could a teeny tiny elephant doing a little can-can not make you laugh?? And - that's right - new color! The card base and ribbon are Melon Mambo. The tissue paper flower is made with the tissue from my first Cambria Cove box and has a pink rhinestone brad in the center. The "laugh" is a rub-on from the Bright Delight set. The elephant is the new Animal Stories critter, and I highlighted him and the text with my white gel pen. (all supplies Stampin' Up!) Simple & quick, and again - just using some of the 8,000 things already on my desk! :) Necessity is the mother of invention! WAY easier than organizing the studio, yes? :)

Are you digging the polka dot ribbon yet?

I hope you're having a great Sunday - I'm procrastinating a bunch of work I have to do. I feel like being lazy. *sigh*

CU tomorrow :)


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  1. Yeah, I am first to comment today! I am really strange for liking that, but who cares.

    I completely love that polkadot ribbon already. I have got to get some in every color. I love that elephant too and what cute card. I love simple, as much as detailed.
    Go be lazy, you deserve it.


    Lisa A.

  2. Gosh, I love love this Animal Stories set! Your cards the last two days are cute as a bug's ear! I just wish the stamps were a wee bit bigger. Cute cute!


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