Tuesday, September 14, 2010

If de Lights Goes Out...

Ack. Just typing that makes me all teary.

*Deep breath*

Marilyn Monroe said, "If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything."

That's certainly true for me.

And Ginger Miluk makes me laugh.

I don't know how I got lucky enough to live in the age of electronic miracles that can connect people (and their irreverent and opinionated ginger cats :)) halfway around the world, but I sure am glad I did.

If de lights go out, I sure will miss my Ginger Miluk. So much. You make me laugh, sweet friend.

I made you a card.
Stamps: Backlit Blooms, Starving Artistamps Ink: Crumb Cake Paper: Crumb Cake, Newsprint
Accessories: Prismacolor Pencils, Prismacolor Premier .005, MFT Striped ribbon, Corner Chomper

I used this sketch, and a little ginger and white.



  1. nelliejean and I are all choked up too. What a beautiful card - I bet the Miluk will approve :)

  2. Gorgeous card - I always love when you color with your pencils. Fantastic job!!

    PS - I hope the lights don't go out ;)

  3. Oh, so sad about Ginger Miluk. ;( Beautiful card.

  4. Its lovely, fanks, the card and de bloggy....the lights are not out yet, I WELL again, am thinking cuds be just I lost one my 9 lives!

    Dis corse, cuds be de last one but de fud is much beta and I getting everything doing fur me beta...cushion plumped and fresh turky dinner, also body guard wens i got outside....I even more portant dan ever!


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