Sunday, September 12, 2010


So yesterday I went to Fort Worth for Stampin' Up! Regionals! It was amazingly amazing as per usual. I learned SO many fantastic tips I can't wait to share with you! That's what I love most about stamping events - the simple little tricks that keep the wonder in our hobby.

I'm headed to CKC San Marcos next weekend with DarthSunshine and my friends at Technique Tuesday and I can't WAIT!

It's a very stampy month.

Now, the drive up, although I left at 5 AM, was uneventful. I saw a beautiful sunrise, went to my fave non-Austin Starbucks in Temple and was fairly alone on the road.

The way BACK, however - another story.

I get out of Ft. Worth and hit the I-35 corridor with an assortment of long haul truckers (one of whom was eating a bowl of soup), drug dealers, serial killers, and people playing video games. And yet, it was safe and orderly.


I forget, when I leave town for the day, how completely bizarrely Austinites drive. It's quite terrifying to strangers, and sometimes even residents.

I hit the city limits, and all the sudden people drive like ... well, imagine this.

Take a one eyed marmoset. Liquor him all up with moonshine. Shave his butt. Sit him in a big bucket of habanero extract. Put him behind the wheel.

That's kind of how we roll in A-town.


Don't believe me? Well... you have two choices. Come here and see the one eyed hot butted drunk marmoset behavior for yourself or.. TALK TO THE TAIL! :)

Stamps: Starving Artistamps Here Kitty Kitty 3, Here Kitty Kitty sentiments
Paper: Basic Black, Whisper White, Pumpkin Pie Ink: Basic Black Accessories: White Pencil, Webster's Pages Trim

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  1. You just crack me up. I am actually picturing a one-eyed, hot butted, drunk marmoset driving a car as I type this... :)

  2. You think I would have learned by now that I am absolutely not allowed to drink any type of beverage while reading your posts. But no. I had to have a sip of tea and then read your description of our crazy drivers. The good news is I have learned how to save a keyboard and monitor from liquids being expelled at accelerating velocities. The bad news is that the lemon juice in the tea really burned up my sinuses. Maybe I should "drive it off"!

    Awesome the blue pom-poms!

  3. I remember being told that when I first arrived in Austin, but I know better. Here where I live the marmosets are french and they are infinitely worse. Trust me!
    BTW, the day I read about your cicada I encountered one for the first time ever. Egads! - What a frightening looking thing!


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