Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Land of Swirly Twirly Butterflies

I'm spending this weekend making a movie for the 48 Hour Film Project, and I couldn't be happier to report that both unicorns AND glitter are involved. But that's really all I can say.

The rules are simple. You show up on Friday and draw for a genre. Genres include things you might expect, like romance, western, etc. But they also include some unexpected things, like the genre we got this year - birthday or anniversary. Each genre comes with a required line of dialogue, a character and a prop that have to be incorporated into the film. So our line of dialogue is "Don't tell me what to do," our character is a soccer coach and our prop is a purse. With this info, you may then start working on the film - writing a script, getting actors, filming, editing, etc. until it's time to turn the movie in on Sunday evening.

It's like a card challenge on crack. This is our fourth one, I think, and we have learned a lot each time. I highly recommend doing it at least once. It will really make you appreciate even the very simplest things that happen in Hollywood flicks, I promise.

It also makes you really appreciate how much control you have over something like... stamping! :)

I made today's card for the All Things Unity Challenge #34

  Squee! Butterflies are the unicorns of stamping!! How can a person resist a butterfly challenge??

To make the butterflies, I used a secret technique that I will show you if you plan on stopping by the Splitcoaststampers booth at CHA next month! :) I will post a tutorial after the show, but if you are going to be in Chicago, please stop by and say hello and see it in real life!

After I made the secret blue prettiness background, I stamped the butterfly from the February 2011 KOTM on it and cut them out. I love nothing more than cutting out a little flutterby and popping her wings up off a card. It's cosmic! To top off their loveliness, the butterflies have little pearl antennae. The greeting is from the March 2011 KOTM.

I think these little butterflies DO believe they can fly. So do I. :)

Got butterflies? Play along!! I'd love to see what you make, and I'd love it even more if you won all that Plaid Mod Podge-y goodness! We could have used some Mod Podge on the set today!


  1. Gorgeousness! I cannot wait to see the secret method.
    The film challenge sounds like so much fun - I love how many elements need to be incorporated. Agh, I fail at the w.v. challenge today - ocridire. All I can think is acrid and dire...just not working! lol

  2. The question is where didn't I post my butterfly card? Lol. My blog, ATU, My Unity Place and Splitcoast. Take your pick. I loved the challenge... oh, and thanks for tweeting about that telescoping card tutorial... I used it. *smile*


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