Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Mystery of the Sliding Veil...

This morning, I had the EXTREME good fortune to be on YNN again doing a little live crafting with my favorite morning anchor - Bonnie Gonzalez. 

There's a hilarious moment during one segment when Bonnie's veil tries to run away. I wish you could see us getting the giggles afterwards!!

We had a blast. Big thanks to Ruthie Broughton for hosting us at her gorgeous store - Blue Bridal Boutique
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What a fun morning!!



  1. Cutie Patuty....LOVED IT! Your faithful stalker, Sam =)

  2. You are totally fantabulous! This is almost as good as having it on my TV! TY


  3. Awesome projects! And you are grace under fire, my friend. I would have lost it when that veil was flopping around her head LOL!


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