Monday, June 11, 2012

Papillon... What?

Sometimes I can overthink things.

I know - it's huge news.

But I'm a word person and so I roll a lot of words and phrases around in my head and mentally kick the tires on them when I'm walking.

Last week I was designing today's project in my head, and was tossing around the stamp set name and I got all silly.

Papillon Potpourri.

I was thinking of a little dish of dried, scented butterflies every time I thought of the stamp set, and I can't shake it.

Yes, I know it also just means a mixture, but I'm having synesthesia now every time I see these little flutterbies. I swear I smell cinnamon.

I LOVE these stamps with all my heart. The fact that they have a matching punch makes them competing for the coveted "Blue Favorite" status for this catalog year. It's like Wonderful Wings had babies!

I couldn't wait to let my class ladies play with the set and punch, so this is what we made this weekend - SQUEE!
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They just make my heart sing! Maybe I'll punch out a bunch of them and spray them with perfume and keep them in a bowl on my desk. :)



  1. How beautiful your card is and I love the stamp set and punch. Maybe it will be in the Australian catty in September :) I sure hope so!

    PS: Did you know you can get a cinnamon oil? You could infuse your butterflies with cinnamon sticks too. Just leave 'em in the bowl with some!

  2. Why not take it a step further? Infuse them and then make them into a mobile! Scented fluttering butterflies over your head. Lovely card! *smile*


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